#ChaptersTeenReads quotes

“Even the silence has a story to tell you. Just listen. Listen.” Brown Grl Dreaming – Jaqueline Woodson

“May, I am thinking, there is something hidden like this in all of us. A small gift from the universe waiting to be discovered.” Brown Girl Dreaming – Jaqueline Woodson.

“There are the truths found in books or films when some writer puts exactly the rights words together and it’s like their pen turned sword and pierced you right through the heart.” The Truth Commission -Susan Juby.

“Don’t insult me today just because I am poor, you don’t know what my future holds!” The boy who harnessed the wind – William Kamkwamba

“Few people realize this, but cutting down the trees is one of the things that keeps us Malawians poor”. The boy who harnessed the wind – William Kwakwamba

“I guess you could call it a “failure” but I prefer the term ” learning experience”. The Martian – Andy Weir

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